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Top 10 Best NFL Quarterbacks All Time

10. Drew Brees

Drew Christopher Brees is the New Orleans based Saints National Football League American football quarterback.

9. Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach is a former American football player, and he is a producer and writer. At the time of the school days, he showed a particular interest in baseball and football. He got enrolled in a Purdue University for football. The United States Naval academy sent Roger to mark up the football team’s centre. As such, he was very much motivated to play the team’s game. But his English was very weak, so Roger joined a Military Institute of Mexico to improve his skills, and later, he led the institute’s football team with a record of 9-1. At the beginning of NFL career, Roger has once got defeated by Lance, but his career did not end. He went on to play the matches, which got him many victories, and also, he was one of the best NFL athletes. In the year 1971, Roger ended his deal by a 4-3 record, and he headed to win NFL titles and was nominated four times at ALL-NFC.

8. Otto Graham

Otto Graham was a football player in an American country, and he is regarded as one of the best players during those eras. At the beginning of the Graham NFL career, he joined the Browns team, which led them to win over tough teams in 1950. Graham team’s won consecutive victories, and during the game against Los Angeles Rams, he had guided the team effortlessly. Again the team won with 30–28 victory. In the year 1951, Browns had got a chance still for the NFL championship against Los Angeles Rams, but this time Browns did not win the match, and after the end of the season, Graham has awarded as the most valuable player for the league. Graham retired from football in 1955 and planned to focus on managing the business and insurance he owned. At last, Graham died in the year 2003 of a heart aneurysm in Florida.

7. Dan Marino

Dan Marino is a former football player and was one of the professional players who led down the franchise for seventeen seasons. At the beginning of his career, five quarterbacks were ahead of him, but Marino proved the best and hit 20 touchdowns and made a record of 12-4. By this, he became the first to start at QB in the Pro Bowl and named it the NFL’s Rookie of the Season. With this exciting match, Marino led the team to win victories repeatedly.
In the year 1984, Marino had played a game and hit 48 touchdowns, which guided the Dolphins to the super bowl. Under his seventeen-year career, he had set the best NFL records with a passing total of 61,361 yards and touchdowns of 420. In the year 2000, Marino retired from football, and five years later, he has appointed as the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

6. Brett Favre

Brett Favre is an American Footballer who loved to play baseball and football and had expertise in both of these fields as his father was his coach for football. During the time of school days, he met with a severe accident. After a few months, Brett recovered successfully and then continued playing football. In the year 1991, Brett signed a deal to play for Atlanta Falcons, but due to some reasons, he moved to Green Bay Packers, and in the year 1992, Brett helped his team win the match against Cincinnati Bengals. Brett had continued his victories against the strong sides, and in the year 1995, during the Super Bowl XXXI, he backed his team again and won the match. Due to his skills, the Green Bay Packers team was in a routine of continuous winning, and in the year 2011, Brett retired due to some health issues.
Brett Favre is a former football player and holds records in NFL career passing touchdowns. During the school days, Brett was interested in playing football and baseball; his father was the football team’s coach in the school. So, his father encouraged him to play football and develop a passion for the game. After completing his high school, Brett got a scholarship at Southern Mississippi University, where he played football and won six games out of ten. Later he was involved in an accident and got severe injuries, but he did not stop there. In the year 1991, Brett has drafted by Atlanta Falcons, and he played with them for only one season and moved to Green Bay Packers. And in the year 2003, Brett played against Oakland, hit four touchdowns, earned a victory over the Oakland team, and held several records of the NFL and named it an MVP thrice.

5. John Albert Elway Jr.

John Elway is a former football player in America, and he is currently the president of football operations. He was exceptional at football and in baseball, and he had attended the University of Standford at the year 1983 for a scholarship for football where John set new records. Baltimore Colts first chose John in 1983 for an NFL draft, but John refused to play for the Colts due to some reasons and later dealt with the Broncos. He impressed his fans with his skills and also with the fresh leadership. At the beginning of his career in the NFL, he led the Broncos to win huge victories against the opponents. John’s team was unsuccessful during the first three bowls, but the Broncos came back and won the match against Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl. After then, John retired with the NFL career record for many victories, and presently he is the president of football operations.

4. Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas was an American professional footballer, and he was very much interested in playing football from childhood. During the school days, he always won the football match, and he had become very famous and named All-Catholic in the school. When Johnny was in college, Got a draft from the NFL team Pittsburgh Stealers in the year 1955. There he was facing trouble and count not played a single match. Again in the year 1956. Johnny was hired by Baltimore Colts to play as a quarterback. Johnny played a delightful game and led the team to victory and got awarded the Jim Thorpe Trophy. He did not stop there and got to serve his team with the Western Conference title and also led the team to win NFL Championship for the second time. In the year 1973, Johnny had retired from the NFL and started to work as a commentator for the NFL.

3. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is a professional football player who had set several records by playing for the NFL. During the school days, he led the football team to win the match and was keenly interested in becoming a professional football player. In the year 1998, the group of Indianapolis Colts had selected Peyton for the NFL draft. At the beginning of NFL career, Peyton was not much perfect for playing football, but at last, he tried the best to win some victories for the team. Those losses made the Peyton strong and gave a new level of success in the league’s history. After playing the match so perfectly, Peyton had won his first MVP award in 2003 and continuously won four more MVP awards.
Peyton had also set the record of becoming the first player to gain that distinction. In the year 2016, Peyton retired from the NFL and started to work on the foundation of Payback.

2. Joe Montana

Joe Montana is a football player who led the victories in 4 Super Bowls. During the early days of childhood, he got a scholarship to play basketball. And when Joe joined the university, he offered to play football and also claimed seven titles of NFL and won three super bowls. At the starting of his career, Joe guided 49ers.
Unfortunately, due to some reasons, he had suffered from many injuries and almost far away from two seasons, the team eventually dropped him off.
In the year 1993, Kansas City Chiefs hired a Montana. Joe had played a marvellous game out there, and he led the victory of Chiefs as he earned the title of the first division in 22 years.
He also won AFC Championship Game. After the game, Joe announced his retirement from the NFL as he earned more records for touchdowns and yards.

1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a football player who won the 6 Super Bowl championships, and he was the first player to succeed in the NFL. In the year 1955, Tom decided to play professional football and joined Michigan university. Starting the career in the NFL, the team New England Patriots allowed Tom to play as a backup quarterback only for one game in the first season. When the quarterback Drew was injured, Tom took over and proved his skills and led the team to victory over Louis Rams at Super Bowl and won an MVP award. After the two years, he again led the team against Carolina Panthers and won a second MVP award. Tom did not stop there; he won the award in the year 2004 and earned many victories for his team.

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