Top 10 Best NHL Goalies of All Time

10. Johnny Bower

Johnny Bower, also known as “The China Wall,” was a former Canadian ice hockey goaltender. Johnny was from a poor background, and he had a passion for playing ice hockey, so he started playing ice hockey with a branch. In 1945 after serving in the Canadian army, Johnny started playing professional ice hockey for American Hockey League, and at the age of 29, he played his first match in NHL.
Johnny was the one who used the poke check technique in goaltending which became so popular that pole check was adopted by most of the goaltenders. He has won two times Vezina Trophy, four times Stanley Cup, three times Calder Cup and in 1976, he was inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

9. Turk Broda

Turk Broda was a professional Canadian ice hockey player and coach. Turk started his ice hockey career with Brandon Athletics and Brandon Native Sons. As he played, he improved his skills and won many junior league championships, leading him to start his professional career with one of the finest teams, the Detroit Olympics. During his entire career in NHL, he only played for one team, which was Toronto Maple Leafs.
Turk was the first goaltender to win 300 matches. He also won the Calder Cup, Vezina trophy two times, and five times Stanley Cup.

8. Bill Durnan

Bill Durnan is a professional Canadian ice hockey goaltender. Bill was ambidextrous (one who can use both his left and right hand equally well), and he wore special gloves on his hands that helped him save the ball from either hand. Apart from being ambidextrous, Bill was a good stand-up goaltender as he was quite tall.
Though Bill had a short career of seven seasons, he made a significant mark in the viewer’s minds because of his techniques and success. Bill has won Stanley Cup two times, six times Vezina Trophy and the First All-start team.

7. Ken Dryden

Ken Dryden is a former Canadian NHL goaltender who is currently a politician, lawyer, author, and businessman. He played for Etobicoke Indians and Humber Valley Packers in the hockey league. In 1971 Ken made his debut in NHL against his own brother, Dave Dryden.
Ken has won the Stanley Cup five times, Calder Trophy and Conn Smythe trophy. Compared to other players, he played only seven-season where he gave his best and devoted his rest time working as a lawyer.

6. Terry Sawchuk

Terry Sawchuk is a former Canadian ice hockey goaltender. Terry was so passionate about ice hockey that he played local leagues while working for a metal company. Seeing his talent in ice hockey, he worked with Detroit Red Wings at the age of 14.
He has played 21 seasons in ice hockey, during which he won Calder Trophy, four Stanley Cups, and after his last season, he was in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
Terry has won 501 games in his entire career and has 115 shutouts (clean sheet), making him the first goaltender to have 100 shutouts in the regular season.

5. Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall is a former ice hockey player for Canada. Glenn was known for his style of play and was the first player to adapt the butterfly style of play. Glenn had impressive control with the ball and made some great passes as well. Glenn played for three teams, and he was a consistent player, which could be seen by his skills. Glenn holds the record for the most consecutive games started by a goaltender of 502. Apart from this, Hall has won three Vezina trophies, two Stanley Cup championships, one Conn Smythe Trophy, and was inducted in the 1975 Hockey Hall of Fame.

4. Jacques Plante

Jacques Plante is a professional ice hockey goaltender for Canada. Jacques started playing hockey when he was age 3, and at the age of 12, he played his first match for his school team. He had a 28 years long ice hockey career, of which he spent ten years with the Montreal Canadiens. With Montreal, Jacques won six times Stanley Cup.
Jacques was the first player who wore a goaltender mask regularly. He has also won Vezina Trophy seven times and was inducted into the World Hockey Association Hall of Fame in 2010. In 1965 Jacques retired from international cricket, but he was so passionate about ice hockey that he started playing professionally in 1968 and later ended his career in 1975.

3. Dominik Hasek

Dominik Hašek is a former Czech ice hockey goaltender who was considered as an unorthodox goaltender with a unique style of goaltending known as “flopper.” Dominik has played for several teams during his 16 years long season, but his skill was improved when he played for Buffalo Sabres and was nicknamed “The Dominator.”
Dominik was successful because he had good concentration, speed, and control of the ball. He was so flexible that he could save some of the most difficult saves, and this made him have the record for the highest save percentage of 0.9223. He is six times Vezina Trophy winner, two times Hart Memorial Trophy winner, and the gold medalist in ice hockey in the 1998 Winter Olympics.

2. Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy, who is also nicknamed “Saint Patrick,” is a former Canadian ice hockey goaltender who currently works as the manager and head coach of Quebec Remparts. Roy had a keen interest in ice hockey since the age of seven. He first played in a local tournament, then in the junior league, and started his professional career with Sherbrooke Canadiens. Patrick Roy was popular because of his butterfly style of goaltending. He has won the Stanley championship four times and is the only player in the history of the NHL to win three times Conn Smythe History. Also, when Patrick was the coach of Avalanche, he was awarded the Jack Adams Award as the best NHL coach.

1. Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur is one of the “greatest 100 NHL Players” and is a goaltender who plays professional ice hockey for Canada. Martin started his career in ice hockey as a forward, and later after his coach requested, he started playing as a goaltender in a youth tournament. Martin Brodeur is the only player in the history of the NHL with eight 40-win seasons. Martin has played 22 seasons for the New Jersey Devils, of which he won 3 Stanley Championship. He is also two times Olympics Gold medalist. Martin is known for his impressive gameplay. He has a unique technique of puck handling, positional gameplay, and especially with the gloves.

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