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Top 10 Biggest Indoor Arenas in the World

Mexico City Arena

The Mexico City Arena is an indoor stadium found in the neighbourhood of Azcapotzalco in Mexico City, Mexico. It is used for concerts, sporting activities, and other events. It was formally opened to the public on February 25, 2012. The total cost to build the Arena was around $300 million. The Arena can accommodate up to 22,300 spectators at its total capacity. Zignia Live is currently in charge of running it. The Arena has a height of 45 metres. Depending on the occasion, it can accommodate more than 20,000 people and features two helipads, a parking area with space for 5,000 vehicles, 124 luxury rooms, 650 security cameras, and 850 LCDs. The venue has previously hosted performances such as Disney on Ice and Monster Jam.

Rupp Arena

The Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center is in the heart of downtown Lexington, Kentucky, in the United States. Rupp Arena, also the home court for the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team, was named after the illustrious Adolph Rupp. Even though the stadium’s official capacity is just 23,500, it has been known to accommodate crowds of up to 24,000 for basketball games. This makes it the largest stadium in the country dedicated solely to indoor sports competitions. At Rupp, Kentucky boasts a winning record of 89.5% throughout its long history there. In addition, concerts, conferences, and performances also take place at the stadium.

Mineirinho Arena

The Mineirinho Arena is the largest indoor stadium in Brazil, located in MG city. The construction of this Arena took place between the years 1973 and 1980. It can accommodate as much 25,000 people at once. It is historic and has served as the headquarters for the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013 and the FIFA World Cup in 2014, both of which took place there. In addition, it was the host location for the FIVB volleyball competitions in 2014. The Mineirinho Arena is mainly used for the sport of volleyball, but it also hosts a wide range of other indoor events that happen on a national and worldwide scale. Basketball, indoor football, and concerts are some of the other popular activities that take place here.

Baku Crystal Hall

Baku Crystal Hall is present in Baku, Azerbaijan, and serves various purposes. The German construction company that oversaw its development did so specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku in 2012. With a seating capacity of 25,000 people, it is now the largest indoor Arena that Azerbaijan has to offer. It took a record-breaking total of only eight months to finish the construction of it. The hall is given the appearance of having a crystalline façade thanks to the installation of 45,000 LED bulbs, which also promises to provide the ideal atmosphere for the venue’s many different uses. In November 2014, the International e-Sports Federation conducted the 6th e-Sports World Championship in Baku Crystal Hall.

SC Olimpiyskiy

The Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy is an indoor arena in Moscow city, Russia. It was once known as the Olympic Stadium. With a maximum capacity of 35,000 people, it is one of the largest indoor arenas available in the world. It was built in 1980 for the summer Olympics, and since then, it has played host to various notable events, including athletic and musical performances. The Arena is the location of the Kremlin Cup event and played host to the FIBA Eurostar games in 1999. In 2005, the Arena served as the venue for the Euroleague Final four. The city of Moscow once did an auction for the stadium in 2014, and the Zao Neftegazprod and Oil Company paid around $108 million to get 65% of the ownership.

Saitama Super Arena

Saitama Super Arena is a multifunctional stadium located in Saitama City. It is one of the largest venues in Japan. Saitama Super Arena also hosts a variety of events. Since it opened its doors in 2000, it has been the venue of choice for various cultural and sporting events, with a total capacity of 36,500. A lot of indoor basketball contests during the Summer Olympics in 2020 took place in this stadium. During the Olympic competition, the stadium could accommodate as many as 21,000 spectators at once.


In Bucharest, Romania, you’ll find the massive exposition facility and indoor Arena known as Romexpo. Its primary applications are for public shows and performances, such as concerts and athletic events. Additionally, over 140 other trade events and exhibitions are held at the site on an annual basis. The Romexpo Dome in Bucharest, Romania, is the largest indoor Arena in all of Romania. It spans a total area of 303,234 square metres and can accommodate up to 40,000 people at a time. It has been speculated that the primary structure resembles Japan’s Tokyo Dome in several ways.

Paris La Defense Arena

Paris La Défense Arena is one-of-a-kind sports and entertainment facility located to the west of the city in La Défense. It is famous as Europe’s premier commercial zone. It has the most prominent projection surface globally and is the largest modular hall in Europe. Big worldwide entertainment and sporting events are given a new lease on life thanks to the Arena’s U-shaped stands, superb acoustics, and cutting-edge technological advances. It can host up to 40,000 people every night of the event. Bringing together the best features of a concert hall and a stadium, this new type of venue changes the rules of sports and entertainment to make every game an epic spectacle.

Friends Arena, SWEDEN

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the Nationalarenan is a multi-purpose stadium with a retractable roof that is now known as Friends Arena due to sponsorship reasons. It is the largest stadium in Scandinavia, and it can be found in Solna, right close to the lake Stasjon, to the north of the City Center. Due to its role as Sweden’s national stadium for men’s football ever since it first opened its doors, the facility is known as the Nationalarenan. The Arena has a total capacity of 65,000 when concerts are being held and 50,000 when football matches are being played; however, the stadium can be scaled down to cater for smaller events with around 20,000 visitors.

Philippine Arena

The Philippine Arena is the biggest indoor stadium in the world. It is an indoor arena that can be used for various events and has a maximum seating capacity of 55,000 people. It is located in Ciudad de Victoria, a tourism enterprise zone that spans 140 hectares and is located in Bocaue, Philippines, approximately 30 kilometres north of Manila. The structure’s design and craftsmanship are of the highest caliber. The architecture is imposing. The building is highly up-to-date and can endure violent earthquakes. The Arena is not only used for large-scale church gatherings hosted by the Iglesia ni Cristo, but it also serves as a venue for various sporting events and musical performances.

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