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Braun Strowman’s New Look: Everything You Need to Know

Braun Strowman, whose real name is Adam Scherr, is one of the most popular and dominant wrestlers in the world. He made his debut in WWE in 2015 as a member of the Wyatt Family, a sinister faction led by Bray Wyatt. He later broke away from the group and became a solo star, winning several championships and accolades. He was known for his catchphrase “Get these hands” and his signature move, the Running Powerslam.

Strowman had a distinctive look that matched his monstrous persona. He had a long, thick beard that covered most of his face and reached his chest. He also had long, dark hair that he often tied in a bun. He wore black leather pants and boots, and sometimes a sleeveless shirt or a vest. He was also very muscular and tall, standing at 6 feet 8 inches and weighing around 385 pounds.

However, in 2021, Strowman’s WWE career came to an abrupt end. He was released by the company in June, along with several other wrestlers, due to budget cuts. He had been absent from WWE television since May, when he lost a WWE Championship match to Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania Backlash. His release shocked many fans and fellow wrestlers, who expressed their support and appreciation for him on social media.

Since then, Strowman has undergone a major transformation, both physically and mentally. He has changed his appearance several times, surprising his fans with his new look. He has also hinted at his possible return to wrestling, sparking speculations about his future plans.

What Happened to Braun Strowman’s Beard?

One of the most noticeable changes in Strowman’s appearance was his beard. He shaved off his long beard in July, revealing his face for the first time in years. He explained that he had to do it because he underwent a level-one fusion surgery on his C4 and C5 vertebrae in his neck. He said that the surgery was successful and that he was feeling better than ever.

He also posted a picture of himself with a shorter beard and a buzz cut, saying that he was “feeling cute”. He joked that he might delete the picture later, but he did not. He received many compliments from his fans and friends, who said that he looked handsome and younger.

However, in August, Strowman shocked his fans again when he posted a picture of himself with a blonde beard and mustache. He did not explain why he dyed his facial hair, but some fans speculated that it was a prank or a joke. Some also compared him to Hulk Hogan, who also had a blonde mustache. Strowman did not seem to mind the comparisons, as he posted another picture of himself wearing a bandana and sunglasses, mimicking Hogan’s signature pose.

Strowman’s blonde beard did not last long, though. In September, he posted a picture of himself with a darker and denser beard, saying that he was “back to normal”. He also said that he was ready for “the next chapter” in his life, hinting at his possible return to wrestling.

How Did Braun Strowman Lose Weight?

Another change in Strowman’s appearance was his weight loss. He revealed that he had lost around 35 pounds since his WWE release, dropping from 385 to 350 pounds. He said that he achieved this by following a strict diet and workout regimen, which he documented on his Instagram account.

He said that he wanted to lose weight to improve his health and performance, as well as to look more lean and fit. He said that he was inspired by his friend and former WWE colleague, Mark Henry, who also lost a lot of weight after retiring from wrestling.

Strowman showed off his new physique in several pictures and videos, where he displayed his toned muscles and abs. He also wore different outfits, such as tank tops, shorts, and jeans, instead of his usual leather pants and boots. He also got some new tattoos, including a skull on his chest and a snake on his arm.

Strowman said that he was proud of his weight loss and that he felt more confident and happy. He also said that he was not done yet, and that he planned to lose more weight and gain more muscle.

How Did Fans React to Braun Strowman’s New Look?

Strowman’s new look received mixed reactions from his fans. Some fans praised him for his transformation, saying that he looked amazing and healthy. They also expressed their excitement and curiosity about his future in wrestling, hoping that he would join another promotion or return to WWE.

However, some fans criticized him for his new look, saying that he looked worse and less intimidating. They also expressed their disappointment and anger about his WWE release, blaming the company for wasting his talent and potential. They also said that they missed his old look and character, and that they did not recognize him anymore.

Strowman responded to some of the negative comments, saying that he did not care about what other people thought of him. He said that he was happy with his new look and that he was doing what he wanted to do. He also said that he was grateful for his fans who supported him and that he would always appreciate them.

What Does Braun Strowman’s New Look Mean for His Wrestling Career?

Strowman’s new look could have a significant impact on his wrestling career, as it could indicate his readiness and willingness to return to the ring. He has been teasing his comeback for months, posting cryptic messages and videos on his social media accounts. He has also been training hard and staying in shape, showing his passion and dedication for wrestling.

Strowman has not revealed where or when he will return to wrestling, but he has hinted at some possible options. He has said that he is open to working with any promotion that offers him a good deal and respects him as a performer. He has also said that he has some “big things” in the works, and that he will announce them soon.

Some of the promotions that have been rumored to be interested in signing Strowman are AEW, Impact Wrestling, and Ring of Honor. He has also been linked to some independent shows and events, such as Qatar Pro Wrestling and Free the Narrative. He has also not ruled out the possibility of returning to WWE, saying that he has a good relationship with the company and that he would consider working with them again if the opportunity arises.

Strowman’s new look could also affect his wrestling style and character, as he could adopt a different persona and move set. He could also change his name, as he does not own the rights to the Braun Strowman trademark, which belongs to WWE. He has been using his real name, Adam Scherr, on his social media accounts, but he could also use a new ring name, such as Titan, which he registered as a trademark in July.

Strowman’s new look could also influence his fan base, as he could attract new fans or lose old ones. He could also gain more attention and exposure, as his new look could generate more buzz and curiosity among the wrestling community and the media.

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