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Top 10 Fastest Australian Bowlers of All Time

Australia is renowned worldwide for producing some of the fastest bowlers to ever play the game of cricket. The country has a rich legacy of spearheading the pace bowling department and consistently troubling batsmen with sheer speed and aggression. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the top 10 fastest Australian bowlers of all time based on their highest recorded speeds.

Brett Lee

Kicking off our list at number 10 is none other than Brett Lee, one of the fastest bowlers Australia has ever produced. Known for his extreme pace and ferocious bowling, Lee struck fear into the hearts of batsmen during his illustrious career. He could regularly touch speeds over 160 kph and bowl a sustained barrage of thunderbolts. Lee’s ability to bowl at such express pace combined with his attacking mindset made him a true crowd favorite. His memorable spells terrorizing batsmen with sheer velocity are the stuff of legends. Even in the twilight of his career, Lee maintained impressive speeds showcasing his remarkable athleticism.

Jeff Thomson

The 1970s were dominated by one of the fastest bowlers of all time – Jeff Thomson. Fondly remembered as the “Thomso,” he revolutionized pace bowling and was a true pioneer. Thomson struck fear into opposition with his raw pace, often surpassing 160 kph. His aggressive bowling style and ability to consistently generate extreme speeds set the benchmark for future generations of quicks. Even today, batsmen recount with dread the experience of facing Thomson’s lightning quick deliveries. He played a massive role in shaping modern fast bowling and remains one of the most revered quicks in cricket history.

Mitchell Starc

Still active today, Mitchell Starc is a modern day pace superstar who continues to showcase his status as one of the fastest in world cricket. The left-arm quick has established himself as Australia’s spearhead with his ability to consistently top speeds of 160 kph. What makes Starc stand out is his control and accuracy even at such express velocities. He possesses a lethal yorker, searing bouncer, and late swing which he can deliver at lightening speeds. Starc strikes fear with his pace and plays a pivotal role in Australia’s dominance, cementing his place among their fastest ever.

Shaun Tait

Nicknamed the “Wild Thing” for his unorthodox action and extreme pace, Shaun Tait was truly a fast bowling phenomenon. He could comfortably touch and exceed the 160 kph mark spell after spell with his rapid deliveries. Tait’s sheer velocity combined with his aggressive mindset made facing him a nightmarish experience. Even though injuries cut short his career prematurely, Tait showcased his status as one of the quickest in world cricket during his prime. He played a massive role in Australia’s ODI World Cup triumph in 2007 and will be remembered as one of their fastest.

Mitchell Johnson

During his peak, few could match the sheer ferocity of Mitchell Johnson’s left-arm thunderbolts. He struck fear with his ability to consistently top 150 kph while generating prodigious swing and seam movement. What made Johnson stand out was how he could bowl at extreme speeds while still maintaining pinpoint control. His memorable 5-wicket hauls terrorizing opposition are the stuff of legends. From ripping the ball around corners to unleashing vicious bouncers, Johnson was a true pace demon. He played a massive role in Australia’s resurgence and will go down as one of their quickest.

Craig McDermott

Craig McDermott had the rare distinction of being the first Australian bowler to break the 160 kph barrier, showcasing his status as a genuine speed merchant. His explosive pace combined with an aggressive mindset struck terror into the hearts of batsmen worldwide. McDermott could consistently top speeds of 160 kph and bowl long spells of fast bowling. He formed a lethal new ball partnership with Merv Hughes and played a key role in Australia’s golden era of the late 1980s and early 1990s. McDermott’s place in the record books as the first to break 100 mph highlights his status among Australia’s fastest.

Jason Gillespie

One of the quickest bowlers Australia has seen in the modern era was none other than Jason Gillespie. What set him apart was his remarkable ability to bowl fast while still maintaining excellent control, line, and length. Even late into his career as he slowed down, Gillespie could still generate express pace. He formed a formidable new ball partnership with Glenn McGrath and helped Australia dominate world cricket. Gillespie played a massive role in the team’s success and will go down as one of their fastest left-arm quicks ever seen.

Andy Bichel

Hailing from Queensland, Andy Bichel could bowl with extreme pace despite his seemingly relaxed action. He could comfortably top 150 kph and bowl long spells while troubling batsmen with his accuracy and late swing. Bichel formed a lethal partnership with Shane Warne during Australia’s golden era and helped cement their dominance. He played a pivotal role in their 1999 World Cup triumph and will be remembered as one of the quickest the country has seen. Bichel may not have received the same fame as others on this list, but his place as one of Australia’s fastest is well deserved.

Bruce Reid

One of the fastest bowlers of the late 1980s and early 1990s, Bruce Reid could strike real fear with his extreme pace. He regularly topped 150 kph and gave Australian captain Allan Border a genuine strike weapon at the peak of his powers. Reid’s ability to consistently bowl fast while generating prodigious swing made him a nightmare for batsmen worldwide. Injuries cut short what could have been an even more illustrious career, but his exploits at his peak cemented his status as one of Australia’s quickest. Reid played a big role in the team’s success and remains a legend.

Dennis Lillee

And finally, taking the top spot as the fastest bowler Australia has ever seen is the legendary Dennis Lillee. Fondly remembered as “Lillee the Lion,” he redefined pace bowling and left an indelible legacy. Lillee could comfortably top 150 kph and bowl long spells while maintaining pinpoint control. What made him truly stand out was his mastery of swing and seam movement even at extreme velocities. He formed a formidable partnership with Jeff Thomson to terrorize batsmen worldwide. Lillee played a massive role in shaping Australia into the powerhouse they are today. He remains the benchmark for every quick they have produced since and inspired generations with his ferocity.

Australia has been blessed with some of the fastest bowlers to have ever graced the game. From the pioneering Lillee and Thomson of the 1970s to modern greats like Starc continuing the tradition, they have dominated the pace bowling department. The 10 quicks featured here raised the bar for speed and redefined what it means to bowl fast while maintaining control. They played pivotal roles in Australia’s success and cemented the country’s reputation as the undisputed kings of fast bowling. Their legacies will continue to inspire future generations of quick bowlers looking to push the boundaries of pace.

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