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Top 10 Fastest Ball in Cricket History

Shane Bond (Fastest Delivery of 156.4 kph)

Shane Bond is considered as “The Best Fast Bowler of New Zealand after Sir Richard Hadlee.” Although Shane Bond was very talented, he did not have a long career because most of the time, he suffered from injuries like back pain and knee injuries. But the years he played, he made sure he gave his best and was a threat to even some of the best batsmen of the world. He currently has the all-time second-best bowling strike rate in Test cricket. The fastest ball he bowled in his career was 156.4 kph or 97.1 mph.

Mohammad Sami (Fastest Delivery of 156.4 kph)

Mohammad Sami, a fast bowler from Pakistani, was considered as one of the greatest bowlers in the world as he was able to swing the ball with a good pace and was a threat to many batsmen. In his debut test match, he took a total of 8 wickets, including one five-wicket haul, which is a world record in itself. He is the second bowler in the world to take hat tricks in both test cricket and ODI. Though he was successful in the initial years of his career, he later went on to lose his form. His fastest delivery of 156.4 kph came against Zimbabwe in 2003.

Mitchell Johnson (Fastest Delivery of 156.8 kph)

Mitchell Johnson was one of the greatest Australian fast bowlers of his era. He has been awarded International Cricket Council’s Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy (ICC Cricketer of the Year) twice, once in 2009 and 2014. Though he lost his form in 2013, he made his comeback against England in 2014. He is the fastest player to reach 150 Test cricket hauls within a span of about two years. If you look at his career, you will notice that he loves the pitches of England, and to no surprise, his fastest ball was against England in the 2013 Ashes, where he bowled a delivery with a speed of 156.8 kph.

Fidel Edwards(Fastest Delivery of 157.7 kph)

Fidel Edwards is a Barbarian cricketer. His bowling action is very similar to that of Jeff Thomson. In his debut test match, he took a five-wicket haul and is one of the few players to take a five-wicket haul in an ODI debut. This made him the second bowler in the world to take a five-wicket haul in his debut test and ODI match. Though he had an impressive start, his injuries made him lose his form. His fastest delivery of 157.7 kph came against South Africa in 2003.

Andry Roberts(Fastest Delivery of 159.5 kph)

Andry Roberts was an Antiguan cricketer who played his international matches for West Indies. He was the first Antiguan player to play for West Indies. He was a part of the “quartel,” which was the combination of four legendary West Indies fast bowlers. In the year 2005, he was the second Antiguan to be recognized in the United States Cricket hall of fame and in the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in the year 2009. He was known for bowling two different types of bouncers, one slow and the other fast. His fastest delivery of 159.5 kph came against Australia in 1975.

Mitchell Starc(Fastest Delivery of 160.4 kph)

Mitchell Starc is a left-arm fast bowler from Australia. He holds the record of bowling the second fastest delivery in the history of Test Cricket, with a speed of 160.4 kph against the New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor in the year 2015. He also holds the record of taking the fastest 100 ODI wickets. Being a bowler, he also has batting capabilities which he proved in 2016, where he hit seven sixes in an innings in MCG and broke the record of the legendary Andrew Symonds. He played a vital role in helping Australia win the 2015 ICC World Cup, where the declared as the Man of the Tournament. 

Jeff Thomson(Fastest Delivery of 160.6 kph)

Jeff Thomson, also known as “Thommo,” is considered to be the fastest bowler in cricket history. His combination with Dennis Lillee is considered one of the deadliest bowling combinations in the history of cricket. He is the first bowler in the world to take a five-wicket haul in his debut Test and an ODI match. He had a slinging delivery action that he learned from his father. His fastest delivery of 160.6 kph came against West Indies in 1975. He also has bowled one of the slowest deliver in official records of 18.02 kph.

Shaun Tait(Fastest Delivery of 161.1 kph)

Shaun Tait is a former Australian cricketer and was one of the fastest bowlers of his time, with an average speed of 155 kph. He had a sling-style bowling action. He was a player who showed his class in shorter forms. He was awarded the Bradman Young Cricketer of the Year in 2004. He retired from the ODI’s at the young age of 28 and from all formats of cricket in 2017. Though he was very talented and a world-class bowler, he retired at an early age due to his injuries. His fastest delivery of 161.1 kph came against England.

Brett Lee(Fastest Delivery of 161.1 kph)

Brett Lee is a former Australian Cricketer who was known for his action and his wicket-taking abilities. He became the second Australian cricketer to take a five-wicket haul in a debut. After his impressive debut, he was awarded the Donald Bradman Young Cricketer of the Year in 2000. Though he was prone to injuries, he still had a long career in which he left an impact. He bowled a delivery of 161.8 kph, but later, Channel Nine stated that it was a mistake, and later, he officially bowled his fastest delivery of 161.1 kph against New Zealand in 2005.

Shoaib Akhtar(Fastest Delivery of 161.3 kph)

Shoaib Akhtar is a former Pakistani Cricketer. He is the only player to bowl with over 100 mph that also twice in his career and was nicknamed as “Rawalpindi Express.” He consistently bowled with an average speed of 150 kph, making him one of the best bowlers of his era. His was involved in a lot of controversies and often lost his form. He was removed from the Pakistani national team due to his poor attitude. He was known for his deadly bouncer, which came with a comparatively high speed. He bowled his fastest delivery of 161.3 kph against England in 2003.

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