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Top 10 Fun Sports to Play

10. Bo-taoshi

Bo-taoshi, a sport that resembles capturing the flag, is a unique activity practised in Japan. Bo-taoshi translates as “pull pole down”. When the National Defense Academy of Japan celebrates its anniversary, its cadets engage in a rough game in which two teams of 150 players compete for the other team’s pole. It is frequently performed on school sports days as well. Two teams of 150 players each compete in bo-taoshi. You did indeed read that right. The game is being played simultaneously by 300 players. Each squad has 75 men on defense and 75 on offense. What is the goal? It is to knock the opposing team’s pole down before they knock yours down. It seems fun, right?

9. Wife-carrying

The Wife Carrying World Championships is one of the most fun sports events ever held, and it happens annually in Sonkajärvi, Finland. It is exactly what it sounds like: men participants carry their spouses across the sand and water-filled outdoor obstacle course. You don’t want to miss this two-day festival in early July because the winner will receive an incredible grand prize! You’ll get half your wife’s weight in beer if you win. However, carrying your partner adds a truly intriguing twist to the sport. Some people take wife-carrying very seriously, even though it may appear like an odd novelty sport and that many competitors only compete for pleasure. The sport has skills, plans, and legends, and wife-carrying competitions have even spread to the USA, Australia, UK, India, and Hong Kong!

8. Water polo

As its name suggests, water polo is a team ball sport played in a body of water. By the middle of the 1880s, the sport had become popular, and with its passing and caged goals, water polo was beginning to resemble soccer more and more. Today’s game requires speed, strong swimming abilities, and a sense of teamwork but is less physical and more technical. In 1900, water polo was accepted as an Olympic sport. A competitive sport involving two teams of seven players each, water polo is played in a deep pool so that players can not touch the bottom. The game is divided into four quarters, during which the two teams try to score goals by kicking the ball into the other team’s goal.

7. Mud Wrestling

Mud wrestling is an amusing, enjoyable, and pleasant pastime that is usually done in social settings like gatherings or events that aren’t competitive. Both the participants competing and the wrestlers enjoy themselves when doing mud wrestling. The participants slide around in the mud while attempting to grasp each other for a takedown or pin, a hilarious activity that makes you laugh a lot. Mud wrestling is still practised as a kind of competition in many forms throughout the world.

6. Dodgeball

The sport of dodgeball is easy to learn, terrific for exercise, and entertaining to play. Anyone of any age, size, ability, or shape can play it. Through successful catches or softball strikes, two teams attempt to remove their opponents’ players from the game. Children have played the game informally during the past few years, notably in schools. Teams with a mix of genders, ages, and abilities are conceivable, and there are many rule variants to keep your sessions interesting. Even though each game lasts two minutes, you will work your heart out greatly after a few intense games.

5. Tug of war

You may have played tug of war in gym class or at summer camp, but you don’t need a large group of people to play this classic game of strength and strategy! With two children or 22 children, it is still enjoyable. It’s a great game concept for birthday celebrations and family get-togethers. A solid rope that is at least 8 feet long and some masking tape are all you need to play. An equal number of players picks up each end of the rope. The players pull the rope towards their side with as much strength as possible. Tug of War is more than just a test of strength, despite the appearance that the strongest player wins.

4. Shovel racing

Competitors in the sport of shovel racing use shovels to sprint down hills. In contrast to sledging, athletes in this event use shovels. Each racer sprints as quickly as they can along the course at a certain time in this sport. The shoveler who completes the task in the quickest time wins at the end. Shovel racing is an inexpensive sport that gives you an adrenaline boost. When your speed increases, it feels like you are moving at twice the pace since you are sitting on the shovel as though you are in a luge, surrounded by air and without walls. Shovel racing is a terrific way to meet new people and form friendships. It’s simply enjoyable. Everyone can enjoy a game of shovel racing.

3. Kabaddi

The popular contact sport of Kabaddi, also known as kabbadi or kabadi, is played by two teams on opposing ends of the field. The game’s goal is for a single offensive player, a raider, to sprint into the opposing team’s portion of the field and tag out as many of their defenders as possible. Each team has seven players. Riders chant “kabaddi, kabaddi” as they move across to the other team’s side. The player must quickly and, without defender contact, return to their half of the field. Watching a Kabaddi game is the most engaging and exciting activity. One of the oldest games in the nation, Kabaddi, requires effort, commitment, and strategy.

2. Ultimate

Ultimate is a quick-paced, non-contact team sport that resembles other invasion games in many ways but uses a flying disc instead of a ball. Two teams of seven players square off on a playing surface of the same size as a football field but thinner. There is one end zone on each side of the playing field. Each team defends one end zone. If one of their players catches the disc in the opposing end zone, they succeed in their goal. The person holding the disc is referred to as the thrower. With the disc in hand, the thrower cannot run. Instead, they pass the disc to teammates in any direction to move the object. If a team member does not catch a throw from the offensive team, the defensive team receives possession of the disc. Ultimate Frisbee is definitely a fun game to watch as well as play.

1. Pickleball

Pickleball, a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has gained popularity recently because it is accessible to players of all ages, including elderly folks. With three people or more, it is simple to play. There are numerous methods to score points, so even if you are hitting a ball back and forth over the net, you can experience some diversity. Despite being simpler than ping pong, this game is nonetheless enjoyable for seasoned players. It is suitable for beginners. This game can be played on smaller courts with just one net in the middle by omitting the middle line in a version known as “Mini-pickleball.”

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