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How Much Do WWE Wrestlers Make

The world of professional wrestling, particularly WWE, has always been a subject of intrigue among fans. One aspect that often piques interest is the salaries of WWE wrestlers. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of WWE wrestler pay scales, based on analysis of top industry reports.

Minimum Salary on Main Roster

According to industry insights, the minimum salary for main roster WWE Superstars is reported to be $250,000 annually. This figure was cited by Triple H, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. It’s important to note that this minimum salary serves as a base, and additional income sources such as merchandise bonuses, pay-per-view (PPV) earnings, and video game deals can significantly increase a wrestler’s overall compensation.

Top Earner Salaries

Below is a table listing the annual salaries of the top 12 highest paid WWE Superstars according to reports:

WrestlerReported Salary
Brock Lesnar$12M
John Cena$8.5M
Roman Reigns$5M
Randy Orton$4.5M
Seth Rollins$4M
Becky Lynch$3.5M
AJ Styles$3.5M
Charlotte Flair$3M
Daniel Bryan$2.5M
Braun Strowman$2M
Dean Ambrose$2M
Kevin Owens$2M

Additional Income Sources

The figure of $250,000 represents the base salary, which is the guaranteed income that wrestlers receive. However, it’s important to note that this is not the total income. Wrestlers have the potential to earn more through various additional income sources.

These additional income sources can include:

  1. Merchandise Bonuses: Wrestlers can earn bonuses from the sale of merchandise related to their persona. This includes clothing, action figures, and other memorabilia.
  2. Pay-Per-View Fees: Wrestlers often receive a fee for each pay-per-view event they participate in. The amount can vary depending on the wrestler’s popularity and the significance of the event.
  3. Video Game Deals: Many WWE wrestlers feature in video games, and they receive royalties for their appearances.
  4. Media Rights: WWE has agreements with various networks for the distribution of their content. The revenue from these deals also contributes to the wrestlers’ income.

Salaries by Roster Level

The $250K minimum salary is applicable only for the main roster. NXT performers, who are essentially in the developmental stage, initially receive lower pay. However, once they are called up to the main roster, their pay is bumped up to the minimum level or higher, depending on their popularity and storyline involvement.

Contract Expirations and Re-negotiations

Contract Expirations

Wrestler contracts have a set duration, after which they expire. When a contract is nearing its expiration date, the wrestler and the WWE have a few options. They can choose to renew the contract, negotiate a new contract, or part ways.
In recent years, there has been a change in how WWE negotiates the renewal of expiring contracts. Previously, WWE would start to reach out to talent to extend their deals a year and a half before they expired. However, the newer approach is to come closer to their expiration date before negotiations even begin in many cases.


Re-negotiations typically occur when a contract is about to expire, or when a wrestler has increased their market value significantly. 
During these negotiations, factors like the wrestler’s popularity, storyline involvement, and market value are considered.

Case of Edge

Edge, a top star in WWE, provides a good example of contract negotiations. Edge initially retired in 2011 due to a neck injury. However, he made a surprise return in 2020 at the Royal Rumble. 
Upon his return, Edge signed a three-year deal worth $3 million per year, as long as he competes three times a year. This contract also reportedly committed him to five matches a year and a total of 25 appearances.
As of 2023, Edge has spoken about his current contract situation with WWE. In an interview, he expressed that there is no sign of him signing a contract as of now, and he won’t know anything until he gets into the locker room after his match. This indicates the uncertainty and fluidity that can exist in WWE contract negotiations.

The world of WWE wrestler compensation is a multifaceted and dynamic domain. From the minimum salaries of main roster performers to the staggering earnings of the top superstars, the financial aspect of professional wrestling is truly captivating.
The additional income sources available to wrestlers, the nuances of pay across different roster levels, and the impact of contract expirations and re-negotiations all contribute to the complexity of wrestler compensation.
We hope this comprehensive overview has provided you with valuable insights into the business of WWE wrestler salaries, and we thank you for delving into this fascinating aspect of the industry.
This article aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive understanding of WWE wrestler salaries, covering various aspects such as minimum pay, top earners, additional income sources, roster-level differences, and the impact of contract dynamics.
By leveraging industry reports and reliable sources, we have strived to offer a rich and insightful exploration of this topic, catering to the interests of fans and enthusiasts alike.

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