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Rey Mysterio Face (Rey Mysterio’s Unmasked Photos)

For decades, the enigma of Rey Mysterio has captivated wrestling fans worldwide.
His high-flying lucha libre style, iconic mask, and unwavering resilience have cemented him as a legend.
But beneath the mask lies a man shrouded in mystery, his true face rarely seen.
Today, we peel back the veil, exploring the rare unmasked photos of Rey Mysterio, revealing the person behind the persona.
This is more than just a collection of photos; it’s a window into the soul of a fighter, a glimpse into the man who inspires millions with his agility, resilience, and unwavering spirit.
Here are some of the Rey Mysterio’s without mask photos:

34. Fun in London!

This depicts the team, including an unmasked Mysterio, in the UK before the recent WWE’s London-hosted PPV event, Money in the Bank. At this event, Escobar participated in the men’s ladder match, while Vega took part in the women’s ladder match.

33. Rey Mysterio with the devil horns, in WCW

In WCW, Rey Mysterio was revealed without his mask and subsequently reintroduced as a brand-new heel character. During this period, one of his most memorable appearances involved him wearing Tommy Hilfiger overalls as his wrestling outfit. This image presents Mysterio, adorned with devil horns to emphasize his villainous heel role, maskless and sporting this iconic wrestling costume.

32. A dog lover

This depicts a joyful Mysterio at home with his dogs, relishing his downtime from wrestling. Over the years, Mysterio has been famous for his youthful appearance, but in this instance, he seems to be embracing his age, which is nearing 50. Despite his age, he continues to display remarkable agility in the ring.

31. Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio: One of 2009’s Best Rivalries

Chris Jericho is a highly imaginative wrestler, which was evident in the innovative way he unmasked Rey Mysterio. The two of them vied for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules in 2009, where Jericho managed to get the victory and the Mysterio’s mask all at once. Mysterio attempted the 619, but Jericho ingeniously countered it by removing the mask mid-move while Mysterio was in motion. Mysterio’s immediate reaction was to cover his face, which gave Jericho the opportunity to secure a roll-up win in a brilliantly inventive spot.

30. Just hanging out in pool..

Mysterio is seen at ease floating on a lilo in a pool, face hidden behind sunglasses, with the caption “making the most of his free time.”

29. Luchadores, outside of ring

Mysterio can be seen without his mask in a restaurant, as well as in several selfies with his wife.

28. Konnan and Mysterio were defeated by The Outsiders at SuperBrawl IX, with The Outsiders removing Mysterio’s mask

After losing a tag match with Konnan to the Outsiders at SuperBrawl 9, Rey Mysterio was forced to unmask in WCW. Miss Elizabeth would have lost her hair if Konnan and Rey Mysterio had won.

27. Latino wrestling legends, Rey Mysterio, Konnan & Psicosis

WCW/WWE pro wrestlers Konnan, Rey Mysterio, and Psicosis without masks in 1995. (Photo by John Arezzi.)

26. Childhood buddies & Wrestling partners

Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. after Konnan defeats Stevie Ray at Slamboree 1999. Rey Mysterio and Konnan aren’t related, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing a strong bond. When Rey met Konnan, he was only 11 years old, and the latter used to train with Rey’s uncle, Rey Mysterio Sr. Although neither star is related by blood, their bond over wrestling and shared experiences was strong enough to make former WCW star Dominik Mysterio Dominik Mysterio’s godfather.

25. The Filthy Animals (WCW anti-heroes)

These guys were the epitome of the 90s style. Konnan, Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman were part of a group called Filthy Animals, a professional wrestling faction in World Championship Wrestling from 1999 until 2001.

24. The Master of 619 with The Gypsy King

In his WWE debut, Fury defeated Braun Strowman via countout at the PPV event in Saudi Arabia.
However, before his match, WWE legend Mysterio paid The Gypsy King and his team a visit in their dressing room. Mysterio was at the Crown Jewel event to accompany two-time UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez in his bout against Brock Lesnar.
Mysterio, on the other hand, entered Fury’s dressing room without his trademark mask and appeared content to be photographed with his face exposed as he chatted with the heavyweight boxer and his trainer Ben Davison.

23. Colibri persona

Colibri, one of Rey Mysterio’s early gimmicks, wore a mask, as previously shown. Rey didn’t hesitate to take pictures without his mask on because it was the beginning of his career.
Rey Mysterio, a teen, is impersonating Colibri. He is wearing a mullet and is holding the mask in his right hand.

22. WWE legends in Land of the Rising Sun

A young Rey is shown in Japan without his mask. He’s posing with wrestlers Psicosis, Damian 666, and Chris Jericho. The photograph was taken in 1996.

21. A Family Man

Rey posing with his family in 2014 which includes (from left) his daughter Aalyah Gutierrez, himself, his wife Angie Gutierrez, his son Dominik Mysterio.

Backstage with WWE buddies

Rey Mysterio without mask backstage with his WWE companions: Indian WWE Wrestler, The Great Khali & wrestling legend, Kurt Angle

Partying out with MVP

An unmasked rey mysterio posing with his WWE colleague MVP at a party.

Does this feud feel done?

Three weeks after their first-round World Cup Tournament match at WWE Crown Jewel, Mysterio and Orton faced off at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
It was also the first time in over a decade that the two former world champions faced off on Smackdown.
Orton has been fuming ever since his loss in Saudi Arabia and has vowed to destroy the returning Master of the 619.
Before the match even began, the 13-time world champion cut a few promos in which he focused on the luchador’s mask, clearly intending to rip it off his head.
Orton then blocked several 619 attempts from his opponent before catching him with a spectacular RKO at ringside.
The Viper then took the victory, but he wasn’t done punishing the 43-year-old legend.
Then Orton swung a chair around Mysterio’s neck and slammed him into a steel ringpost.
The former World Heavyweight Champion’s face was exposed at that point, and the cameras caught a glimpse of it.

(face-to-face) Inter-view time!

An old video of rey mysterio’s interview without mask.

Rey Mysterio and Dominic at a baseball game

Rey Mysterio with his son at a baseball park.

This Babyface (a heroic, “good guy”) can kick any wrestler’s A**

Mysterio unmasked in 1999

Hair vs. Mask match in 1999

Rey Mysterio wrestled in a unique stipulation match against the NWO during a tag team match in 1999. Mysterio and Konnan faced Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a ‘Mask vs Hair’ match. The master of 619, on the other hand, lost the tag team match, which was one of the most surprising outcomes. As a result, he publicly unmasked himself for the first time on WWE television. Wrestling fans saw the face behind the legendary luchador’s trademark mask for the first time. The image of Rey Mysterio’s face quickly went viral.

‘sup ese

Without mask in 2012

Cholo look

Early professional wrestling days

Anything for Fans!

Unmasked Rey Mysterio initially snub fans’ signing requests due to ‘company rule’

At Andrade El Idolo’s wedding

Charlotte Flair and fellow wrestler Andrade El Idolo married in Mexico, and an unmasked Rey Mysterio was among the guests.
In any case, Mysterio softened the tradition of the “luchadors” by re-wearing his mask for his WWE career after losing it in rival WCW, a break with Mexican wrestling mores.

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