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Top 10 Tallest WWE Wrestlers Ever

tallest wwe wrestlers ever

The WWE has seen wrestlers of all shapes and sizes over the years, but something is awe-inspiring about watching giants in the ring.
These towering figures have made a lasting impression on the world of wrestling and continue to captivate fans of their sheer size and power.
During the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the biggest wrestlers and walking giants were the order of the day.
Fans liked such matches and franchises of wrestling quickly acted to make that dream matches a reality.
These wrestling ghosts easily attracted crowds, from Andre the Giant to Giant Baba to Mountain Mike to the Great Khali.
These are the top 10 tallest wrestlers in WWE:

10. The Undertaker – 6′ 10″

tallest wwe superstars

Mike William Calaway, also known as The Undertaker or the Dead Man, hailing from Houston, Texas.
He is one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time and remains associated with WWE to this day.
The Undertaker boasts an impressive career, having won the World Heavyweight Championship seven times, including the WWE title four times and the World Heavyweight Title three times.
When he joined the WWE, he adopted the stage name “The Undertaker” and soon became a fan favorite.
His mysterious persona and frightful tactics made him a fearsome opponent for his rivals, connecting him to supernatural forces.
He was known to surprise his opponents, often rising from the “dead” after taking a finishing move, leaving them stunned.
The Undertaker is also famous for his unbeaten record of 21 consecutive wins at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania, aptly dubbed “The Streak” by wrestling fans.

9. Kevin Nash – 6′ 10″

tallest wrestler in wwe history

Kevin Nash is 6 feet 11-inch American entertainer and retired professional wrestler mostly known for his time in WCW, WWF, and TNA.
He has wrestled with multiple ring names but is profoundly known by his actual name and also as Diesel (ring name) in the WWF.
Diesel has won various title belts starting from the WWF World Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships in the WWE.
If we combine his WWE, WCW, and TNA careers, he has claimed 21 title belts, counting his six-time World championship reign, and a 12-time world tag team championship reign.
Diesel also became the first person to win a fight against Goldberg to break his no-lose 173-0 streak.
In January 1994, Kevin Nash entered the Royal Rumble, where he eliminated 7 men in under 18 minutes.
Kevin Nash won a bout against Backlund, which was an 8-second quick squash match.

8. Robert Maillet – 6′ 11″

7 foot tall wrestler

Robert Maillet is a 7 feet tall Canadian actor, and a retired professional wrestler.
He is profoundly known for his time in the WWF from 1997 to 1999, in which he used to act under the well-known name of “Kurrgan,” being part of the Truth Commission and the Oddities.
Kurrgan debuted in the WWF in 1991, when he was called the Cajun Giant and won his dark match against Bob Bradley.
In the Super World of Sports, he has also acted as the Giant Goliath.
He was lovingly called “Kurrgan the Interrogator” as his finishing move was an Iron Claw submission hold.

7. Big Cass – 6′ 11″

tallest wwe superstar

William Morrissey, more profoundly known by the name Big Cass, was born in Glendale, Queens, New York City; he was a student of the Archbishop Molloy High School and had Irish and Italian heritage.
Though not recognized among tall WWE wrestlers, he is almost 7 feet in height.
Big Cass went through coaching in competent wrestling from the famous wrestling school of American withdrawn proficient wrestler, Johnny Rodz in Brooklyn, New York.

6. Kane – 7′ 0″

tallest man in wwe

Kane, whose real name is Glen Jacobs, is a highly skilled American WWE wrestler born in Madrid, Spain.
After receiving training from Ray Candy and Dean Malenko, Kane made his debut in the world of wrestling.
He started his career with WWE in the early 1990s, wearing a mask, a bodysuit, and full-length gloves and towering over the ring at 7 feet tall height.
However, today, semiretired, he enters the ring with only a pair of pants and boots, without a mask (or a new leather mask).
Kane is best known for his intense wrestling matches with the legendary Undertaker during the early stages of his career.
Kane’s interference has caused his elder stage brother, Undertaker, to miss out on several opportunities to win WWF titles, leading to fierce battles between the two.
Kane shows his fear of fire by lighting up the ring’s corners with fiery red flames every time he wins a match.
He won the WWF Championship by defeating Steve Austin in a First Blood match in a RAW episode.

5. Big Show – 7′ 0″

tallest wwe wrestler ever

Big Show is an American Wrestler and is often seen among WWE’s tallest wrestlers.
He has an enormous height of 7 feet.
He is a seven-time world champion and the only person to have held all four titles at least once in his career: WCW Heavyweight Title two times, the WWE Championship two times, WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice, and ECW World Heavyweight Championships once.
The Big Show is also an 11-time tag team champion, winning the WCW, WWF, and WWE World Tag Team Championship belts many times with different partners or allies.
He even achieved to win title belts like the Intercontinental, United States, and Hardcore championships.
In WrestleMania 31, Big Show won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

4. The Great Khali – 7′ 1″

tallest wwe wrestler

Dalip Singh Rana, popularly known as the Great Khali, is an Indian-born American professional wrestler and former World Heavyweight Champion. 
He is the first Indian to have achieved to win a World Heavyweight Championship in the WWE records.
The Great Khali started his WWE career by becoming the villain and assaulting the Undertaker and leaving him helpless during his bout with Mark Henry.
On the 12th May WWE SmackDown episode, John Bradshaw Layfield chose Khali to wrestle Rey Mysterio (World Champion), which Khali won in a squash.
Khali won against the Undertaker by kicking him in the head.
With some help from Daivari, he continued showing his strength by competing in handicap matches.
The Great Khali had even won the World Heavyweight Championship by winning the 20-man battle royal by eliminating Kane and Batista using one move.

3. Giant Silva – 7′ 2″

tall wwe wrestlers

Paulo Cesar da Silva is an ex-national basketball athlete who played for the Brazilian basketball team.
Silva had a successful basketball career, but he later became a combined martial artist and qualified wrestler, popularly known as Giant Silva.
Silva was well known for his height of 7’2” feet, and in the year 2014, he was stated as the sixth tallest wrestler ever in the records.
Towards the conclusion of the year 1997, Silva joined the WWF by beginning with the stage name Giant Silva. He became part of the Oddities Stable.
For most of his WWF Career, he grouped up with Golga and Kurrgan.
His only career-defining moment was at the Summer slam of 1998, where he, Golga, and Kurrgan went against Kai En Tai in a 3 on 4 handicap match.

2. André the Giant – 7′ 4″

who is the tallest wwe wrestler

Andre Rene Roussimoff, more popularly known as Andre the Giant, was a French wrestler and entertainer.
He had a height of approximately 7ft 4in feet tall because of the cause of gigantism, which later concluded to be acromegaly making him the biggest wrestler.
He had been declared with the term “The Eighth Wonder in the World.” Andre the Giant was said to have not been defeated for 15 years by pinfall or submission in his WWE career before WrestleMania III.
In 1980, his bout with Hulk Hogan is one of his most popular matches; they fought it in the Shea Stadium’s Showdown at Shea, Pennsylvania.
Andre emerged as the champ by pinning Hulk Hogan. His bout with Big John Studd, proving who the actual Giant was, is known worldwide.
Many episodes between them finally ended in a body slam challenge during the first WrestleMania in 1985 at Madison Square Garden, where Andre slammed Studd to emerge as the champ.

1. Jorge González – 8′ 0″

tallest wrestler in wwe

With a towering height of 8 ft (2.4 m), Jorge González is the tallest WWE wrestler ever.
He was well known for his presence in the World Championship Wrestling by the name of “El Gigante” in 1989 and 1992.
Gonzalez was also in the World Wrestling Federation by “Giant Gonzalez” since 1993.
Gonzalez experienced a disease called gigantism, which caused his height to grow almost 8 feet.
In WWE, the Giant Gonzales had a fantastic first match in 1993 at the Royal Rumble.
During the fight, the giant made his entry, walking to the ring, wearing a remarkable fur coat, making him look like a brushed Wookie, and aimed to take down the Undertaker as his first prey.
He brutalized the Undertaker in such a way that significantly fewer WWE superstars might have done.

From the menacing presence of The Undertaker to the towering figure of The Great Khali, the WWE has been home to some of the tallest wrestlers in the world.
These athletes have used their towering height to dominate the ring and strike fear into their opponents.
While the WWE has seen many larger-than-life personalities, these top 10 wrestlers stand out as the tallest.

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