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Top 10 Indian Bodybuilders

Top 10 Indian bodybuilders 2023

Long before you were born, the eternal bodybuilding saga in India began.
If you think that bodybuilding is a western concept and was introduced in recent times, think again. In post-independence India, many names have proudly won India’s desired Mr. Universe title numerous times.
These days Bodybuilding is a recognized sport and several bodybuilders have participated in various international championships winning several titles for the country.
To know some of them, here are the top 10 best Indian bodybuilders:

10. Yatinder Singh

desi bodybuilder

Yatinder Singh is an Indian professional bodybuilder, born in 1982, in UP.
In the World Bodybuilding Championship, Yatinder Singh won the silver medal at 80 kg and Mr. India’s Title in the same weight category in 2016.
You may wonder what is so special about him? as a lot more top Indian bodybuilders achieved more than he did.
Well, his lower back vertebrae ruptured once during the training, causing nerve damage and paralyzing about 30 percent of his right hand and leg.
He never stopped there, challenged these injuries, and started working to win numerous national and international awards.

9. Rajendran Mani

bodybuilder Indian army

Originally from Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Rajendran Mani has worked at the Indian Air Force.
Rajendran Mani is a bodybuilder from India who was born into a poor family with five siblings.
In the beginning, he had little help from corporate or government sponsorship.
He spends the majority of his income on training and bodybuilding supplements.
For 15 years, he has served in the Indian Air Force and has committed full-time to bodybuilding after retirement.
He is an 8-time Mr. India, including Champion of Champions.

8. Arambam Boby Singh

top Indian bodybuilders

Arambam Boby Singh is an Indian Manipuri bodybuilder who won his first Mr. World Championship title in 2010 in the 75 kg category for bodybuilding championships in Varanasi, India, and has represented the country on the international platform since then regularly.
He won this title 7 times in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, winning 7 golds, 1 silver, and 1 bronze. The amazing and riveting tale of this extraordinary man is behind all these wondrous victories.
The World Bodybuilding and Physique Federation (WBPF) held a tenth Mr. World competition on December 16, 2018, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which was Bobby’s 8th world title win.
In his early days, Boby also won the 1995 Jr. Mr. Manipur and Champion of the Champions title, and the overall title of Mr. India, in 1998.
The champion talks about his struggle, hopes, aspirations, and expectations in a freewheeling interview with Indian Sports News.

7. Amit Chhetri

top 10 Indian bodybuilders

Amit Chhetri is an Indian Gorkha Body Builder from Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
He won the ‘Champion of Champions for Federation Cup 2013’ and was adjudged the best in his weight category at the 13th Federation Championship.
In 2016, he took home the 100 kg division of Mr. India and was adjudged the best not only in his weight category but also over all other 9 weight categories ranging between 55 Kg to above 100 Kg+.
He has achieved remarkable success in the sport and is referred to as the Arnold Schwarzenegger of India and currently works as an officer in the Uttarakhand Police department.

6. Murali Kumar

best Indian bodybuilder

Murali Kumar is an Indian Navy champion bodybuilder.
He was ranked first position for the Top 10 Indian Bodybuilders Ranking in 2013.
Murali isn’t from a bodybuilding or wrestling background; he didn’t always want to grow into a Desi bodybuilder.
A fracture in his legs during his profession injured him.
To improve his leg muscles, the physician advised him to start some exercise at the gym.
That’s when he was introduced to the local gym and started training regularly.
In the beginning, he only focused on his legs for rest and recovery therapy, but he progressed to a strong bodybuilding interest.
He has a splendid structure with broad shoulders and has good genetics that helped him to recover quickly to become a professional bodybuilder.
He’d been a vivacious upbringing, playing many sports, including cricket and football, but his primary passion was computer electronics.
He has shown an excellent commitment to bodybuilding and has followed his gym routines regularly.
He took ten years of ongoing efforts to reach such a point that he managed to defeat Sangram Chougule bodybuilder, who won Mr. India’s title on 25 March 2013.
Murali Kumar goes to bed at 10:00 pm and wakes at 5:00 am.
He’s also especially interested in his gyms and takes time from his daytime job.
He says it is very important to keep to your schedule because bodybuilding requires a consistent and committed approach.

5. Premchand Degra

Greatest Indian bodybuilder

Indian Arnold Schwarzenegger, Degra sir, is an influential figure in Indian bodybuilding to be recognized as a sport.
During his career in sports, his hard work earned him success and respect.
Despite all his weaknesses, he managed to gain the bodybuilding poster boy title and still fulfilled the dream.
The legend of Indian bodybuilding changed India’s face, taking Mr. Universe’s title in 1989 to make him the third Indian to win the title.
His life was strenuous because his way to glory was to struggle.
Born in Babri Nangal, a small village in Punjab’s Gurdaspur, he faced struggles from a very young age.
When he lost his father, his mother only took charge of 5 children while Premchand was just 5 years old. He has muscled the international bodybuilding arena despite all this trouble.

4. Varinder Singh Ghuman

Indian IFBB pro card holders

Varinder Singh Ghuman is the first Indian IFBB professional bodybuilder and wrestler from Punjab. Ghuman was awarded second place in Mr. Asia and won Mr. India in 2009.
Arnold Schwarzenegger supported Ghuman for a role as brand ambassador to promote his health products in Asia.

3. Sunit Jadhav

top Indian bodybuilders 2023

Sunit Jadhav is an emerging Indian bodybuilder and current Mr. India from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Born in Nanded, his aesthetic physique has a lot of potential to represent India in International competitions.
He won the Federation Cup Overall and the 10th Mr. India title in March 2017 at the Leisure Valley Park (Gurugram).
His goal is to become an International Champion and leave a mark in the fitness industry worldwide.

2. Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule bodybuilder

Originally from Kolhapur, Sangram Chougule is a Professional Indian bodybuilder living in Pune (in Pimpri Chinchwad).
He won the title of Mr. Universe 2012 & 2014 in the 85 kg category at WBPF World Championships and has also won the titles of Mr. India six times and Mr. Maharashtra five times.
In 2006, he took part in a professional show in his local district and won the title ‘The Great Marathi Shree’ (The Great Mr. Maharashtra).
In 2008, he won the title of Mr. Pune, and in 2015; he worked as an actor in the Marathi film ‘Dandam’ and was featured on the cover of Muscle Mango magazine in December 2017.
Sangram Chougule’s physique is considered to be one of the best among all Indian bodybuilders.

1. Suhas Khamkar

Suhas Khamkar bodybuilder

Considering his near-perfect refined physique and overall title statistics, Suhas Madhukar Khamkar is the best Indian bodybuilder to ever compete.
Khamkar comes from a family of fitness experts and wrestlers and is a native of the Kolhapur region.
Since his childhood, champion bodybuilders, and wrestlers have inspired him. He was the student of Bibhishan Patil, the legendary coach. Khamkar began seriously training at age 16 and attempted to become a bodybuilder world champion (an inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger).
He eventually achieved the legendary status of winning the highest Mr. India titles and the highest international titles (highest than any other Indian bodybuilder).
He got a break into international fame after winning the Mr. Amateur Olympia competition in October 2018 and was the first Indian bodybuilder to win his pro card.
Khamkar was 1st in the category of 80 kg at the 2012 Mr. India event.
A former Central Indian Railway staff member by profession, Khamkar was the first Indian bodybuilder to win the Mr. Asia competition in 2010.
In 2012, he placed 2nd place in Kuwait’s Mr. Olympia amateur competition and placed second in the 2017 Amateur Asia Mr. Olympia contest.

India has produced some of the most impressive bodybuilders in the world, and these 10 individuals have proven themselves to be among the best.
With their dedication, discipline, and hard work, they have achieved incredible physiques and earned many accolades in bodybuilding.
Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or admire the incredible achievements of these athletes, they have left an indelible mark on the sport and inspired countless others to pursue their fitness goals.

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