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Best Footballers Tattoos and Meanings

David Beckham

  • Hand tattoos: Beckham has the word “love” on his hand, along with the words “Lead with Love” and two swallow.
  • Numbers: The number “723” represents his football jersey numbers, and he also has the number “7” on his index finger and the number “72” on his right thumb.
  • Rose: A rose is tattooed on his ring finger.
  • Leg tattoos: Beckham has a pair of running cherubs on his right ankle, a lion’s face on his left quad, and some kind of bird on his left calf.
  • Left Arm Tattoos: Beckham has a Latin script “Ut Amem Et Foveam” in old English font, which means “To love and to cherish”.
  • Solar System Head Tattoo: In 2018, Beckham added a solar system sketch on the left side of his head, just above his ear.
  • Rose Face Tattoo: A tiny rose is tattooed on Beckham’s face, right next to his left ear.
  • Chest-piece: In 2011, Beckham had a large chest-piece added to his collection.

Lionel Messi

  1. Crown: Messi has a crown tattooed on the inside of his right arm, which symbolizes his strong love for his wife, Antonella. The couple also shares matching crown tattoos.
  2. Jesus: Messi has a tattoo of Jesus’s face with a crown of thorns on his right arm, which represents his devout Catholicism.
  3. Lotus Flower: This tattoo symbolizes Messi’s commitment to following his dreams and living up to his potential.
  4. Rosary: Messi has a tattoo representing his birthplace, Rosario, in the shape of a rosary. The idea was to create a rosary that conveys the events of his life through various imagery.
  5. Map of South America and Europe: This tattoo is located on his right arm and is a tribute to his passion for football.
  6. Number 10: Messi’s jersey number for both FC Barcelona and the Argentina National Football team is 10, and he has it tattooed on his left leg.
  7. Football: Messi has a football tattooed on the top of his left calf to show his appreciation for the sport.
  8. Clock Cogs: These tattoos serve as a constant reminder of the passage of time.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  1. Right Wrist: Ibrahimović has a series of numbers on his right wrist known as the “Zlatan Ibrahimović code,” which are significant to him, but the specific meaning has not been publicly disclosed.
  2. Left Bicep: He has the name of his mother, Jurka, in Arabic font tattooed on his left bicep.
  3. Stomach: On his stomach, Ibrahimović has a tattoo that reads “Only God can judge me,” which reflects his personal philosophy and resilience in the face of criticism.
  4. Left and Right Shoulder Blade: On his left shoulder, he has a tattoo of a grey koi fish, which is believed to symbolize wildness, and on his right shoulder, he has a lion tattoo, representing strength and courage.

Memphis Depay

  1. Stars: Depay has several tiny stars tattooed on his chest, which symbolize direction, goals, desires, and positive vibes.
  2. Aang: Depay has a tattoo of Aang, the main character from the animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” on his right arm.
  3. Lion: Depay has a full lion’s face tattooed on his back, which covers every inch of skin. The lion represents him, “the king of the jungle,” and his resilience in the face of adversity.
  4. Jurka: Depay has the name of his late grandmother, Jurka, tattooed on his left arm.
  5. Arabic Script: Depay has several tattoos in Arabic script, including the words “Dream Chaser” on his left arm and “Life is a Struggle” on his right arm.

Nicolas Otamendi

  1. TV Shows: Otamendi has a large tattoo on his back that features illustrations from his favorite TV shows, including Vikings, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, and Peaky Blinders.
  2. Lionel Messi: Otamendi has a tattoo of Lionel Messi on his abdomen, which he got to celebrate Argentina’s World Cup success.
  3. Other Tattoos: Otamendi has several other tattoos, including a tribal design on his right arm, a skull on his left arm, and a cross on his chest.


  1. Flowers, Faces, Skulls, and Religious Icons: Ederson has a variety of tattoos, including flowers, faces, skulls, and religious icons, which are spread across his body.
  2. Lion, Eagle, and Goalkeeper Gloves: In 2023, Ederson added a lion, eagle, and goalkeeper gloves tattooed onto his back, further expanding his collection.
  3. Huge New Leg Tattoo: Ederson also added a significant new tattoo down his leg, contributing to his already-extensive body art collection.
  4. Smiley Face Emoji: Ederson has a smiley face emoji tattoo on his neck.


  1. Religious Beliefs: Neymar has the word “Blessed” inked on his upper back, along with a cross and angel wings.
  2. Strength: Neymar has a lion’s face tattooed on his left hand to symbolize strength.
  3. Love: He has the word “Love” inked on his left palm, representing his feelings for his family and loved ones.
  4. Family: Neymar has a tattoo of a lion, a crown, and a tick mark on his left ring finger to represent his family members.
  5. Career: Neymar has a tattoo of a football with a crown and a silhouette of himself on his left calf, reflecting his passion for football.
  6. Sister: Neymar has a “Sister” tattoo on his right ankle, in tribute to his sister.
  7. Davi Lucca: Neymar has a tattoo of his son’s name, Davi Lucca, along with his date of birth (24/08/11) on his right forearm.
  8. Ousadia: Neymar has the word “Ousadia” tattooed on his left ankle, which is the name of one of his companies.

Daniele De Rossi

  1. Psychedelic Surrealism Tattoo: This tattoo on the front side of his right leg is a psychedelic artwork piece of his own face. It represents the complex combination of life and reality to create the purported super-reality.
  2. Beware of Being Tackled Tattoo: On his right calf, De Rossi has a warning sign. This tattoo immortalizes his reputation for tough tackling.
  3. Teletubbies Tattoo: An illustration of Teletubbies is tattooed on his right bicep. This tattoo is very meaningful to De Rossi and his daughter.
  4. Angel with writing Tattoo: A baby angel is inked along with a Latin language text on the backside of his left forearm. The Latin Phrase reads “UBI TU GAIUS, EGO GAIS IBI” which means “Wherever you are, I’ll be there”.
  5. Naked Angel holding Banner Tattoo: On the inner side of his left bicep, there exists an illustration of a half-naked angel holding a banner in her left hand.
  6. Goddess of Justice Tattoo: An image of a blindfolded woman is positioned on the front side of his left forearm.
  7. Wrist Tattoo: His inner side of the left wrist has a tattoo which shows a snake in the graveyard and an orange sky in the background.
  8. Surrealist Tattoo: The right shoulder of Daniele De Rossi has a Psychedelic deception tattoo.

Sergio Ramos

  1. Armband Tattoo: Ramos has a Maori design with his name and jersey number (4) on his right forearm1.
  2. Family Tattoos: Ramos has a tattoo on his left bicep with the line, “In The Memory Of The Ones Alive,” the number 3, and the date 11, representing his siblings’ birthdays.
  3. Left Hand Tattoos: Ramos has a large rose with the number 4, the name Marco, and the date on his left hand, which is a reference to FC Real Madrid and its famous players like Zinedine Zidane, Raúl González, and Cristiano Ronaldo.
  4. Foot and Leg Tattoos: Ramos has several tattoos on his left leg, including some of the goals he has scored, and his initials, SR, with a crown over them.
  5. Dream Catcher: On his upper back, Ramos has a dream catcher alongside his initials, SR, and a line that says, “Only Those Who Went Hungry With Me And Stood By Me Will Eat At My Table”.
  6. Left Thigh Tattoos: Ramos has a quill and inkwell inked on his left thigh, resembling his son’s stuffed rabbit.
  7. Left Forearm Tattoos: Ramos has several tattoos on his left forearm, including JM VII P and a white dove, the symbol of peace.
  8. Right Calf Tattoo: Ramos has a World Cup tattooed on his right calf, which is special to him.

Joe Hart

  1. Tribal Bands on Right Leg: Hart has tribal bands tattooed across his lower right leg, which may be symbolic of his culture, background, and rich family heritage.
  2. Right Arm Armour Tattoo: Hart’s right arm is covered with a huge tribal design that is inked more like armor, which he got in 2019. The tattoo is a personal shield that reflects his power and stability.
  3. Thigh Tattoo: Hart has a tattoo on his thigh, but the design and meaning are not publicly known.
  4. Right Arm Tribal Bands Tattoo: Hart has more tribal designs on his right forearm, which complement the tribal bands on his leg.

Dani Alves

  1. Triangle with a Smiley: Alves has a double outlined triangle tattoo with a smiley inside shaped in the form of two dots and a curve on the right side of his neck.
  2. Crescent Moon: Alves has a crescent moon tattoo on his abdomen.
  3. Family-related Tattoos: Alves has several tattoos that represent his family, including his son’s name across his chest.

Nigel de Jong

  1. Tribal Waves Tattoo: A major part of Nigel’s left arm and all of his forearm is covered in tribal tattoos done in the form of ocean waves and geometrical shapes of different sizes and flows. His elbow contains a pattern of waves moving in a circular region around it2.
  2. Floral Tattoo: Nigel de Jong’s right forearm contains a large floral design with geometric shapes in the form of a circle24.
  3. Hand Tattoo: Nigel’s right hand is covered in a floral pattern2.
  4. Chest Tattoo: His chest is covered in an intricate design inspired by a tribal pattern2.
  5. Shoulder Tattoo: De Jong’s left shoulder and upper arm are covered in tribal design tattoos with incredible details. These tattoos are inspired by Indonesian carvings23.
  6. Back Tattoo: A major part of Nigel de Jong’s back is covered in a large tribal design with leaf-like geometric patterns2.

Tim Cahill

  1. Left Arm Sleeve: Cahill has a sleeve on his left arm that features traditional Samoan designs, symbolizing his connection to his maternal family’s Samoan roots23. This sleeve also includes a symbolic lifeline of his grandmother after she passed away2.
  2. Family Tattoos: Tim Cahill has a number of family-related tattoos, including his children’s names on his arm and a tribute to his late grandmother4.
  3. Heart Tattoo: Cahill has a heart tattoo that represents his love for his family and fans5.

Martin Skrtel

  1. Angel Tattoo: Skrtel has a giant angel with huge wings tattooed on his back, which is a symbol of good fortune and miracles2.
  2. Tattoo Tribute to the 96: Skrtel has a tattoo tribute to the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster, which he inked himself for the first time at a charity inking session13.
  3. Latin Motto Tattoo: Skrtel has a Latin motto tattooed on his chest, which reads “Mors Certa, Hora Incerta,” meaning “Death is certain, the hour uncertain.” This tattoo inspired him to achieve a remarkable record of playing in every Premier League game for Liverpool in the 2010-2011 season4.

Kevin-Prince Boateng

  1. Skull Tattoo: Boateng has a tattoo of a skull on his right ankle, which is a common symbol associated with mortality and the concept of death4.
  2. Lion and the Line Tattoo: On his left shin, Boateng has a tattoo of a lion’s face, which is split in the middle to show some skin. The lion is a symbol of strength and dominance4.
  3. Believe and 030 Tattoo: The side of Boateng’s left hand contains the word “Believe” inked, and the number “030” is also tattooed on his hand4.
  4. Maddox Tattoo: Boateng’s stomach contains the name “Maddox” inked on it, which is a tattoo he got for his son, Maddox Prince Boateng4.
  5. Get Rich Tattoo: The inner side of Boateng’s left forearm contains the words “GET RICH” tattooed on it in a stylish font4.
  6. Initials Tattoo: The left side of his body, just beside his Maddox tattoo, contains the ink of the letters “JKJ” tattooed vertically on his ribcage. The initials stand for his brother, Jerome Boateng, himself, Kevin Prince Boateng, and his son, Jermaine Prince Boateng4.

Alberto Moreno

  1. Animal Tattoos: Alberto Moreno has animal tattoos inked around his right leg, including a panda, a tiger wearing a bandana, and a dog with boxing gloves14.
  2. Bizarre Monkey Tattoo: In 2016, Moreno unveiled a perplexing new monkey tattoo, which garnered attention for its unique and unconventional design5.

Marco Materazzi

  1. Red Love Heart: Materazzi has a red love heart tattooed on his body, symbolizing his dedication to love for his mother4.
  2. Wings: Materazzi has wings tattooed on his body, representing his passion for flying and his love for his family2.
  3. Football-related Tattoos: Materazzi has several football-related tattoos, including one that features a soccer ball with a cross and another that features a boot2.
  4. Initial Tattoos: Materazzi has his initials tattooed on his body, representing his name and personal identity4.

Mauro Icardi

  1. Lion Tattoo: Icardi has a giant lion tattoo on his body, which includes the names of his two daughters, Francesca and Isabella12.
  2. Wrist Tattoo: Icardi has a wrist tattoo that features the names of his children, Wanda’s children from a previous relationship3.
  3. Arm Tattoo: Icardi has an arm tattoo that features the name “Wanda,” his wife’s name3.
  4. Leg Tattoo: Icardi has a leg tattoo with Jesus Christ crucified, which is a representation of his faith5.

Dele Alli

  1. ’96’ Tattoo: On his upper right arm, Dele has a tattoo of the number 96, representing his birth year as he was born on 11 April 19961.
  2. ‘Avengers’ Tattoo: On his left bicep, there is a tattoo of the letter ‘A’ encircled on all sides, which is the official logo of the Avengers series1.
  3. Latin Writing: On the back of his neck, Dele has a tattoo of Latin writing that says ‘dum vivimus vivamus,’ which stands for ‘While we live’ when translated into English1.
  4. Finger Tattoos: On Dele’s right hand, there are several symbols inked, including an eye on his index finger, a cross surrounded by rays of light and another cross on his middle finger, an ‘h’, and a red heart. These symbols represent various meanings, such as the omnipresence of God, faith, and love1.
  5. Feathers on Arm: Dele’s right forearm is covered with a feather tattoo, which is believed to symbolize faith, honor, trust, and strength1.
  6. ‘LOSER’ to ‘LOVER’ Tattoo: On his upper left arm right above his elbow, Dele initially had the tattoo of the word ‘LOSER,’ which he later transformed to ‘LOVER’1.

Djibril Cissé

  1. Angel Wings: Cisse has a pair of angel wings tattooed on his back, symbolizing protection, good luck, and love5.
  2. Cross Tattoo: Cisse has a cross tattooed on his right arm, representing his faith1.
  3. Number 7 Tattoo: Cisse has the number 7 tattooed on his left arm, which is his jersey number for the French national team1.
  4. Inter Milan Tattoo: Cisse has a tattoo of the Inter Milan logo on his left arm, showing his support for the Italian club1.
  5. Cissé Family Crest: Cisse has his family crest tattooed on his left arm, representing his heritage and family roots1.
  6. Lion Tattoo: Cisse has a lion tattooed on his right arm, symbolizing strength and courage1.
  7. Star Tattoo: Cisse has a star tattooed on his left shoulder, representing his success and achievements in his football career1.
  8. Tribal Tattoos: Cisse has tribal designs tattooed on his legs, representing his mixed Berber and Arab heritage1.

David Raya

David Raya, the Spanish goalkeeper, has a notable tattoo on the back of his neck that commemorates his Premier League debut, where his former club Brentford beat Arsenal 2-0. The tattoo features the date “13-08-21,” marking this significant career milestone. While this tattoo may be a painful reminder for some Arsenal fans, it holds personal significance for Raya as it also marked his first top-flight clean sheet. This tattoo has garnered attention due to the circumstances surrounding the match it represents.

Leroy Sane

Leroy Sane, the German footballer, has a notable tattoo on his back that features a large image of himself. The tattoo caused controversy when it was first revealed, as it appeared to include a Manchester City badge on the shirt he was wearing in the image2. However, the tattoo is a representation of Sane’s dream of winning the Ballon d’Or, and he has stated that he got the tattoo to motivate himself to achieve his goals14. In 2021, Sane admitted that he regrets the tattoo5

John Stones

  1. Wrist Tattoo: There is a hand-print and a feather inked on the inner side of John’s left forearm. The hand-print tattoo represents the hand of his daughter with his childhood sweetheart and ex-girlfriend, Millie Savage1The feather symbolizes independence, courage, strength, and wisdom1.
  2. Petunia Flower Tattoo: There are few petunia flowers inked on John’s left inner bicep. Petunia flowers symbolize anger and resentment, but they also represent feelings of comfort, love, and ease with someone1.
  3. ‘Love you always’ Tattoo: ‘Love you always’ is inked on his left bicep, just like a banner around his arm. This tattoo was dedicated to his now ex-girlfriend, Millie Savage1.
  4. Bob Runt Tattoo: Out of the few portraits inked on John’s left thigh, this one is close to his heart. The portrait is of ‘Bob Runt’, who was his guide, teacher, and the source of his inspiration when he kick-started his career1.
  5. Norman Rimmington Tattoo: On his lower left thigh, John has got a portrait of a mysterious man inked. As per speculations, the portrait is of Norman Rimmington, a famous footballer who used to play for Barnsley and Hartlepool United1.
  6. Writing on the arm Tattoo: ‘No matter what ill be always thinking of you’ is inked on the corner of John’s left forearm. This was another tattoo dedication to the childhood love of his life1.

Mario Balotelli

  1. Cross on Chest: Balotelli has a heart-shaped logo topped by a dark black cross on his right pec, symbolizing his religious views and faith in Jesus1.
  2. Crown Tattoo: Balotelli has a crown tattoo, which is a symbol of power and authority1.
  3. Gorilla Tattoo: He has a gorilla tattoo on the right side of his neck1.
  4. Tribal Arm Tattoos: His heavily tattooed arms are covered in tribal designs, symbolizing strength, power, and respect for his cultural heritage1.
  5. Chest Writing Tattoo: On his left pec, Balotelli has a tattoo that reads, “I am the punishment of God, If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you”1.
  6. Cross and Prayer Tattoo: He has a large cross tattoo on his right bicep wrapped with a circular banner containing a prayer, reflecting his strong religious beliefs and the power of prayer1.
  7. Face Tattoos: Balotelli has multiple face tattoos, including the words “black power” above his eye and “MB459” inked below his eye345.

Alberto Gilardino

  1. Peppa Pig Tattoo: Gilardino has a tattoo of the popular children’s cartoon character Peppa Pig on his arm. This tattoo was inspired by his three young daughters, Ginevra, Gemma, and Giulia, who are fans of the show134.
  2. ‘G’ Tattoo: On his right wrist, Gilardino has the alphabet ‘G,’ which might denote his love for his daughters2.

Artur Boruc

  1. Monkey Anus Tattoo: Boruc has a tattoo of a monkey with its anus exposed on his belly, which has been widely criticized for its vulgarity and offensiveness24.
  2. Neck Tattoo: On his neck, Boruc has a tattoo that reads “Addicted to” above a bizarre design, which has caused controversy among his family members3.

Uros Vitas

  1. Neck Tattoo: The word, “Srna” is tattooed on his throat1.
  2. Face Tattoo: The right side of his body has a woman’s face tattooed on it. This is a portrait of his spouse, Andrijana1.
  3. ‘Roses’ Tattoo: There is a tattoo of a stem with two rose flowers on Uros’ left arm, near his elbow. The rose is a popular tattoo design that represents beauty, innocence, and passion1.
  4. ‘Compass and Scribbles’ Tattoo: The inside of his left forearm has a compass tattooed on it. Below the compass is a tattoo of a few words in red and black ink. The tattoo of the compass on his forearm represents a direction in life and also symbolizes the bearer’s love for traveling1.
  5. ‘Lighthouse and Wolf’ Tattoo: There is a red and white lighthouse tattooed on his left forearm. The lighthouse is shedding light on the compass tattoo on the inside of his forearm. There is also a wolf’s face tattooed on his left hand. Just like a lighthouse protects ships from harm, it acts as a protector for the bearer. It also represents one’s love for sailing. The wolf on his hand represents protection, strength, family, and love1.

Nile Ranger

  1. Name Tattoo: Nile Ranger has a tattoo of his own name on his forehead1This tattoo is quite unique and has attracted a lot of attention1.
  2. Smiley Face Tattoo: He also has a smiley face tattooed on the inside of his lip1.

Jay Bothroyd

  1. Bicep Tattoo: Jay has a tattoo on his bicep1.
  2. ‘Pocket Watch’ Tattoo: Towards the upper side of his left pec, there is a pocket watch inked1A pocket watch is simply the token of learning and remembering the importance of time in your life1.
  3. Writing Letters Tattoo: There are some letters inked in Chinese on Jay’s right bicep. The letters are printed on a banner that is seen being held by an angel inked on Jay’s shoulder1.
  4. Forearm Tattoo: A Japanese samurai-like figure is inked on Jay’s left forearm1The tattoo signifies the traits of the samurai: strength, courage, honesty, duty, commitment, and responsibility1.
  5. ‘Portrait of Baby’ Tattoo: On his left bicep, Jay has got a portrait of a baby tattooed. The portrait is of his son, Mace Bothroyd1Right under the portrait, he has also got his name and date of birth inked as ‘Mace XXXI-XII-MMII’1.
  6. ‘LOVE’ Tattoo: On the left side of his body, Jay has got the letter ‘LOVE’ inked1But, what’s so different about it? He has been in the limelight and also, criticized for the way the letters are combined1As you can see LOVE has been shaped by a handgun, a grenade, a pocket knife, and a machine gun1.
  7. ‘Mace’ Tattoo: On his upper left arm, Jay has got a tattoo that includes the name ‘Mace XXXI-XII-MMII’1The name in the tattoo is the first name of Jay’s son, Mace Bothroyd1. The roman numerals represent his birthdate i.e. ‘ 31-12-20021.
  8. ‘N’ Tattoo: There is a big italicized letter ‘N’ tattooed on the inner side of Jay’s right bicep1The letter N actually represents the initial of his ex-girlfriend, Nicki1.
  9. ‘Clouds and Flowers’ Tattoos: Covering his right forearm are multiple light-shaded cloud patterns and orange-colored flower petals1.

Andres D’Alessandro

  1. ‘15’ Tattoo: On the right side of his body, Andres has got the number ’15’ inked1This number represents his birthdate as he was born on 15 April 19811.
  2. ‘Baby Jesus’ Tattoo: On his left forearm, there is a light-shaded portrait of a sleeping baby inked1The sleeping baby is actually the representation of baby Jesus Christ who is being hugged by the Virgin Mary1.
  3. Back Tattoo: Andres has a tattoo on his back that shows a boy aiming towards the goal with a football inked in front of his right leg1This tattoo is the representation of the footballer in the field during practice sessions1.
  4. ‘Sacred Heart’ Tattoo: On the inner side of his left bicep, Alessandro has got the tattoo of the Sacred Heart1This symbolizes devotion towards Jesus and Christianity in the value of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for the sake of Humanity1.
  5. Rose and Flying Bird Tattoo: There is a flying dove inked on the upper side of his left arm1This bird, with its wings spread widely, is a beautiful representation of peace and harmony1.
  6. ‘Compass and Roses’ Tattoo: Andres’ right forearm is covered with roses along with a compass tattoo on the top1The compass rose tattoo acts as the symbol of guidance towards the right path in life1.
  7. ‘Jesus Angel’ Tattoo: On his left shoulder, Alessandro has got the tattoo of ‘Jesus Angel’1.
  8. Self Portrait Tattoo: Andres D’Alessandro has a tattoo of himself on his stomach23.

Ryan Mason

  1. ‘Clock and Rose’ Tattoo: On the inner side of his right forearm, Ryan has a clock inked which is stopped at 5:30. On the sides of the clock are roses inked followed by names, ‘Keeley’ and ‘Demi’. The clock tattoo symbolizes an important event in his life, and the clock combined with the rose symbolizes everlasting love and a bond between loved ones. The names around the clock might be the names of his two children1.
  2. ‘Cross and Rosary Beads’ Tattoo: On the inner side of his right arm, Ryan has a small cross along with a rosary beads tattoo. The cross is the Holy symbol of the Christians and represents the deep faith of Ryan in Jesus Christ, his blessings, and the power of prayer. Rosary Beads represent Virgin Mary1.
  3. ‘Everything happens for a REASON’ Tattoo: On his right arm, there is a writing tattoo that says, ‘everything happens for a REASON’. The specific reason as to why Ryan got it inked is unknown1.
  4. ‘Swallow Bird’ Tattoo: There is a flying swallow bird inked on the outer side of his right arm. The swallow bird is the symbol of love, commitment, and freedom1.
  5. ‘Portrait of Lady’ Tattoo: On his right arm, Ryan has the portrait of a lady tattooed. He cleared the rumors saying that the portrait is of his mother, Lisa Mason. The design is taken from one of the drawings which Ryan drew of his mother when he was just 16 years old1.

John Carew

  1. Portrait of his Mother Tattoo: On his left shoulder, Carew has a tattoo of the portrait of his mother, Jorunn Ryen Carew, with a banner that contains the date “5.9.97,” which reflects his birthdate1.
  2. Flying Doves and Cherub Tattoo: On the outer side of his left bicep, Carew has a tattoo of a baby angel/cherub and flying doves, which symbolize hope, love, faith, and peace1.
  3. Rosary Beads and Cross Tattoo: On his right bicep, Carew has a tattoo of rosary beads and a cross pendant, which symbolize his Catholic faith1.
  4. Wing and ‘Ma Vie, Mes Régles’ Tattoo: On the left side of his neck, Carew has a tattoo of a wing and the words “Ma Vie, Mes Régles,” which translates to “My Life, My Rules.” However, there is a flaw in the tattoo, as the word “régles” is misspelled, and it actually means “My Life, My Menstruation”35.
  5. Roses Tattoo: On his left bicep, Carew has a tattoo of roses, which symbolize love, affection, and romance1.
  6. Angel Tattoo: On his left forearm, Carew has a tattoo of a portrait of an angel with wings, which symbolizes love and faith in God1.

Mark Clattenburg

  1. Soccer Aid Tattoo: Mark Clattenburg has added a Soccer Aid for Unicef tattoo to encourage people to buy tickets for the annual charity event1The Soccer Aid tattoo accompanies two others which celebrate his officiating of the 2016 Champions League Final and European Championship1He has refereed six Soccer Aid matches since 2012 and wanted to go a step further to support the charity1.
  2. Champions League and Euros Tattoo: Clattenburg has tattoos relating to the biggest matches of his career1He has a permanent reminder of his big year by getting a European Championship and Champions League tattoo2.

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