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Top 10 Most Handsome Cricketers in the World

top 10 most handsome cricketer in the world 2021

10. Kumar Sangakkara

most handsome cricketers

Kumar Sangakkara can be rightfully called the most perfected and calculating batsmen with a sophisticated nature. Due to these balanced qualities, most of the cricket commentators call him “The Dashing Sangakkara.”

9. Michael Clarke

top 10 handsome cricketer in the world

Claimed the Cricket WorldCup trophy for 2015, Michael Clarke couldn’t have asked for a better final outing.
Whether his ranking him in most handsome cricketers or best Cricket player there’s no denying his influence in the cricket world.
With a convenient win over New Zealand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, he has helped Australians regain the championships.
Clarke’s career in Cricket from a sidekick underdog to the Australian Cricket Team’s captain was remarkable.
Clarke has come a long way since making his debut as a flamboyant cricket player in 2013-2014 that represents Australians in all forms of cricket.
He is also considered one of the most aggressive style captains in the current cricket era.
Thanks to his glamorous clothing appearance at the parties (and sassy ex-friend) Clarke is addressed with several names such as Spice Boy and is fondly named Pup.

8. Alastair Cook

most handsome cricketer in the world 2021

As famous for his great skill in batting, former captain Alastair Cook of England was also famous for his strong jawline, and renowned smile. And that very look has now seen Cook leave many famous celebrities behind, to be named the sexiest man in Essex.
The legendary batman has won the likes of David Gandy (Dolce & Gabanna model) and Kem Cetinay (Love Island winner ).
No other cricketer was listed as EssexLive announced the name of the 30 most handsome men in the region, but the prize also indicated that cricket is finally getting its due in England. Tall, gloomy, chiseled jawline and British, what else can anyone ask about? His personality has something polite and cool.

7. Shane Bond

Bond was one of the most stylish cricketers of his era, for the decade he enthusiastically appealed to the world with his cricketing range and been a handsome presence in the international cricketing circuit.
Bond brings up a charm, which makes him immediately likable, in a calm, composed conscience. Like his short but striking career, Shane Bond’s looks are an outlandish attribute to his subtle but striking looks.
This veteran most handsome cricketer in the world served as the bowling coach for the New Zealand cricket team and has made an indelible mark through his presence in international cricket.

6. AB de Villiers

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers is a South African cricketer. During his 15-year international career, he was named the ICC ODI Player of the Year three times. The flamboyant right-hander has captured thousands of cricket lovers’ eyes, thanks to his charming smartness and his amazing field performance. In the recent era of cricket, he is among the most handsome cricketers.

5. Shahid Afridi

For a decade and a half, the flamboyant all-rounder was integral to the Pakistani team. For the cricketing fans worldwide, the father of four is still a dream lad.

4. Shane Watson

Shane Watson was one of Australia’s finest cricket players of the Golden Generation.
Watson is one of the best and finest all-rounders to have ever played not just in Australia but through cricket.
He managed to build a global fanbase with his cute looks, his smile, his fitness, and his hairstyles becoming the epitome of style which is strikingly similar to David Beckham.

3. Virat Kohli

One of the greatest names today in the Indian cricketing scene, Virat has more successes and approvals than one can follow.
Virat Kohli is one of the most handsome Indian cricketers in 2021.
There is no discussion that throughout his captaincy his contribution to Indian cricket has been superlative. Virat has demonstrated brilliant batting skills in his decade-long sporting career and brought up his team to great heights internationally. The cricketer, however, is seen far more than that in recent years. The man has now become a whole package: an incredible actor, a shrewd businessman, an icon of style, a fitting man, and a wonderful father. Today, the young people are not only looking for his game on the ground, they are also looking for himself. The way a cricket captain presents himself to the world displays his playing style, his team’s performance, and the Indian cricket landscape overall. And whether it’s his sports talents or his choices about fashion, with time, he is just getting better.

2. Brett Lee

His popularity among the global cricket masses was the greatest mark that Lee left. , Despite certain match-winning exploits against the Indian team, most Indians (cricket fans in particular) accepted him as their own player. Lee was a compassionate entertainer, apart from all the wickets and the memorable spells. His mantra was living for the best moments in field. And there were, of course, many. Lee was graceful, victorious, and even more so in defeat, while always upholding the game spirit. With a compassionate smile on his face, Brett Lee used to smash out batsmen which left behind a legacy that lasts a test of time.

1. Kevin Pietersen

Many cricket fans and the overall public consider Kevin Pietersen as the most handsome cricketer in the world 2021.
Massive credit goes for his cricketing accomplishment as well as for his muscular physique and alluring tattoos the official bad boy for the English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has a significant number of female fans across the world.
The exciting and momentous life of Pietersen, which measures are an excellent film script.
‘KP’ is a maverick that frequently mashes up his colorful unorthodox hairstyles.
When he married Liberty X singer Jessica Taylor in December 2007, Pietersen broke millions of female hearts across.
Kevin Pietersen holds the record as the highest run-scorer for England in all international forms.

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